The reason behind rate increases and how to beat it.

carinsuranceincreaseUnfortunately, insurance rates have risen throughout Colorado this year. Natural disasters, such as hailstorms, are the leading cause for rate increases in home and auto insurance. 9News reported in June that Colorado has seen the highest amount of rate increases in the entire nation. We have had a huge influx of people moving to Colorado and with our high rates, many are going Uninsured.  The more people on our roadways is bound to mean more accidents and increasing a payout of 14% due to medical costs and vehicle repair costs rising. Our vehicles have been getting safer with better technology, but that in turn makes them more expensive to repair.

We offer different options to make sure you are saving as much as possible for your coverage.

  • Bundling your insurance can save you up to 20% when you combine your home and car. We also offer discounts for adding life insurance, business insurance and specialty insurance as well.
  • Vehicles with alternative fuel save on insurance.
  • Different payment plans can lower your monthly bill. We have a pay in full option and paperless billing can save you up to 8%.
  • Apply for a Farmers Rewards Visa and earn 3x the points on Farmers premiums, home improvements and gas!
  • What do you do for a living? We reward the following occupations with a discount: Architects, airline pilots, CPA, teachers, dentists, doctors, engineers, firefighters, police officers, lawyers, librarians, nurses, scientists and military (active and retired.)

Schedule a review of your insurance to make sure all of your discounts are where they need to be and you are saving all you can!