Get Smarter About Distracted Driving

Farmers is taking a stand to combat distracted driving. Introducing SignalSM, an innovative app which monitors distracted driving by providing ongoing feedback and analysis of driving habits, allowing customers to see when and where they were distracted. Customers can also earn a discount on their premium by simply using the Signal app!

Signal is a great fit for parents of teenage drivers. The app allows families to understand how certain behaviors, like distracted driving, impact their household. Equipped with this new perspective, teens and their families can take definitive steps to help protect themselves by becoming less distracted, safer drivers.

It’s also a great fit for business travelers, and customers who are tech-savvy and/or have a good driving record.

And best yet, you might be eligible for a 20% discount based on your driving. Have questions? Ask us.

Download the App in the Apple or Droid store today!