Homeowner's Insurance Company in Denver, CO

Schomburg Insurance Agency has been providing quality home insurance policies to Denver residents since 2010 and is here to help you receive coverage and protection from unfortunate incidences. Homeowner’s insurance is not only a necessity, as it is required for those buying a home or applying for a mortgage, but also a smart and significant safeguard. When something unexpected happens and you have to pick up the pieces at your Denver residence, you can feel comforted by the fact that your house insurance will cover the costs involved with repairs, rebuilds, and replacement of items. Each family in Denver has a different home life, which is why we work with each homeowner’s insurance client to create a coverage package that is tailored to their needs.

Why Denver Residents Need House Insurance

It is a requirement when purchasing a home in Denver to show proof that you have signed up for house insurance, because residences are most people’s biggest asset and it's vital to have a policy in place to protect them. Disasters and unfortunate incidents like burglary or vandalism can quickly lead to bankruptcy because most Denver residents do not have extra money to cover incidentals. When you are covered by a house insurance policy from Schomburg Agency of Denver, any repairs or rebuilds of the structure or replacements of possessions will be well taken care of. When you’re covered by homeowner’s insurance, you can focus on restarting your life and let your Denver home insurance agent settle the paperwork and take care of the costs. We know that incurring damage to your Denver living space is never ideal, but home insurance will take some of the hassle and headache out of it.

What Home Insurance Covers in Denver (Depending on policy)

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Hail damage
  • Snow damage
  • Storm damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Aircraft damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Appliance issues
  • Electrical issues

The Specifics of Denver Homeowner’s Insurance Policies

You don’t have the same home or belongings as your neighbors in Denver, so why would you want the same house insurance policy as them? We offer homeowners insurance coverage of all levels, so each client can assess their needs and pick a level of protection that best suits their lifestyle. Denver residents can get home insurance with varying parameters, such as replacing items at market-value or depreciated value, and maximum limits or additional coverage for valuables and supplemental costs. Things like general wear and tear, maintenance, and geographic-specific disasters like earthquakes and floods are not usually included in typical coverage, but policy extentions can be added to protect against these occurances.