Do you have employees?

If you have even one employee, there are many laws and changes that you need to think about.

Workers comp is required in Colorado to cover them for any on-the-job injuries. We can streamline the process of workers comp with Real Time Billing, allowing you to take the guess work out of payroll. With Real Time Billing, your workers comp premium is calculated based on actual payroll. 

Bottom-line benefits to your business

  • No down payment when purchasing coverage
  • Seamless integration of payroll and policy billing
  • Premiums that are less susceptible to adjustment
  • Automatic payments for each pay period
  • No billing fees or monthly checks

Starting on Jan 1 2022, we have an additional law to pay attention to for your employees with Colorado Paid Sick Leave. 

Our friends at Payroll Vault North Metro Denver has provided some great information, feel free to reach out to them as they offer support to businesses around the Denver area and can easily assist with our billing options for Workers Comp.