Protect your dispensary in Denver with insurance from Schomburg Insurance Agency. Many national insurance agencies are unable to cover you due to the differences between state and federal laws, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip insurance entirely. Instead, you can partner with us to make sure in the event of an accident or a recall on a product, ensuring your Denver cannabis business is protected.

Protect Your Business Property With Dispensary Insurance in Denver

Dispensaries in Denver handle large sums of cash daily since they aren’t able to engage the services of a bank. This puts dispensary owners and their employees in a precarious position of being a target for theft. You might have a secure vault for your business’s cash, but you need to protect your inventory and property as well. At Schomburg Insurance Agency, we have insurance options for cannabis and hemp business owners comparable to policies for businesses in other industries across Denver.

Liability & Loss of Income Insurance for Denver Dispensaries

Cannabis and CBD continue to be federally classified as Schedule I drugs, which means there is a lack of cohesiveness in the safety standards to which you measure your products. If a recall happens with something you’ve been selling, cannabis insurance is absolutely vital to protecting your assets while you navigate what the recall can mean for your Denver business. If a recall results in you being liable for damages or you miss out on a portion of your income, Schomburg Insurance Agency’s policies for dispensaries will keep your business afloat, allowing you to keep paying your hard-working employees.

Cannabis Insurance for Denver Business Owners

At Schomburg Insurance Agency, we know that every Denver business — no matter what sector they serve — should be properly protected from the unforeseen. You can’t predict a burst pipe or an accident on your premises. Other national insurance agencies would seek to penalize a cannabis or hemp business, but we treat your company as fairly as we treat others. Our agents are passionate about making sure Denver’s business owners have an insurance policy that works for their company, so contact our insurance agency today to learn more about how we can help.