Errors & Omissions Insurance in Denver, CO

Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, but if he or she does not have an errors and omissions insurance policy in place, those mistakes can cost them gravely. Errors and omissions insurance is a particular type of policy that is tailored to extend professional liability coverage to certain occupations in Denver, covering them in case they are found liable as a result of any error or negligence in advising or workmanship. An errors and omissions insurance policy will protect a Denver business as well as its employees from costs that would fall outside of their traditional liability insurances.

Denver Professions that Could Use Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Insurance agents
  • Real estate agents
  • Financial planners and advisors
  • Brokers and accountants
  • Hosting companies
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Notaries
  • Appraisers and architects
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Attorneys
  • Wedding planners
  • Health care workers

Errors and Omissions Insurance Protects from Unhappy Denver Clients

Sometimes we forget that professionals in Denver are human too, who are trying the best of their skilled abilities but can be wrong or miss things sometimes. However, customers who feel the services they received are unsatisfactory typically have little compassion and may wish to pursue legal action, which is why we offer errors and omissions insurance to Denver businesses as well as their employees. If a business in Denver is sued by a customer who claims financial loss due to an error on their part, their traditional insurance may not provide any coverage or only up to a certain amount. Errors and omissions insurance will take care of attorney fees, damages and reparations if the Denver business is found liable.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Specific Job Risks in Denver

Not all professions are the same, and therefore the risks and liabilities involved with them vary widely. Insurance policies are something where details and specifics make all the difference in if you’re protected or not, so when looking for errors and omissions insurance in Denver, make sure each extension of your professional liability will be covered. The Schomburg Agency of Denver will draft an errors and omissions insurance policy that will provide good coverage for lawsuits whether you are a personal trainer, lawyer, or accountant. We work with Denver companies to determine job risks and provide insurance for errors and omissions, so you can go about business knowing you are covered, even if you make a mistake.