Landlord & Vacant Policies Insurance in Denver, CO

Insurance can come in a variety of different ways, especially if you are a landlord or seeking to cover a vacant home. We at Schomburg Insurance Agency are here to help Denver, Colorado, Colorado property owners make sure they find the right one for their needs. We are proud of the fact that we can provide a wide selection of insurance policies to our clients in Denver, Colorado, Colorado. Our insurance policies are a great safety net to protect yourself not only from the standard issues but the complexities that come with tenants or a vacant property.

Why You Need Landlord Insurance in Denver, Colorado

If you own a Denver, Colorado property but rent it out to others, it can well worth your while to get Schomburg Insurance’s landlord insurance. It protects you from unfortunate incidences and covers you from high costs as a result. Anything from burglary and vandalism to severe weather and even liability can affect you and your property. With our landlord insurance coverage for your Denver, Colorado property, you will be able to repair and rebuild the structure or replace any lost or damaged possessions.

Benefits of Vacant Home Insurance in Denver, Colorado

As the choice insurance agency for many property owners in Denver, Colorado, Schomburg Insurance provides a range of benefits with our selection of insurance, which includes our vacant home insurance plans. When you choose us for as the insurance agency for your Denver, Colorado property you can be sure that you are covered from damage caused by fire, smoke, hail, snow, storms, aircraft, vehicles along with vandalism, theft, appliance issues, and electrical issues.

Trusted by Denver, Colorado Property Owners!

Many property owners in Denver, Colorado have experienced firsthand how our agents at Schomburg Insurance genuinely want the best for them. We understand that no one property is the same; that is why we will work with you and tailor a package to suit your needs with our specific insurance policies. More often than not, wear an tear, maintenance, and geographic-specific disasters are not included in typical coverage, but we can extend the level of protection to guard your finances against these conditions.