Landlord & Vacant Policies Insurance in Denver, CO

Being the landlord of a Denver condominium or apartment building is a position with high accountability and risk. As the owner of a multi-tenant property in Denver, many things are your responsibility, but you can make sure certain things out of your control do not fall upon your hands by getting landlord insurance. Damages and expenses from outside forces like weather or occupants usually are assumed by the landlord, but insurance will protect you and your assets for having to pay or be liable for them. And for when Denver buildings are not currently being rented out, we offer vacant home insurance policies so landlords can continue to have coverage. If you own a building in Denver that you rent out, landlord insurance is a smart choice that can safeguard you from financial ruin.

Landlord Insurance for Your Denver Structure

Much like homeowner’s insurance, landlord insurance covers building owners for any costs due to damage incurred from events such as natural disasters or tenant negligence. Policies standardly cover (but are not inclusive or limited to) fire, wind, hail, storms, sprinkler damage, vandalism, theft, vehicle or aircraft damage, sinkholes, and volcanic activity. If any of these occurrences happen and affect your Denver property, landlord insurance will take care of either some, most, or all related repair and replacement costs for the structure itself or any fittings, fixtures, and appliances. Coverage varies, but at Schomburg Agency of Denver, we can piece together a landlord insurance policy that will best protect your property.

Avoid Liability in Denver with Landlord Insurance

Another important protection Schomburg Agency can afford to Denver landlords through our various policies is liability insurance. As the owner of a Denver building, anything that happens to anyone on the premises will legally fall to your responsibility. We can include protections in policies for any lawsuits and legal fees, so if a Denver tenant sues you for injuries sustained on-site or you have to sue them for any reason, you will only have to pay a deductible to get it settled rather than draining your bank account. Vacant home insurance can also cover liabilities because the last thing you want is to have to pay out of pocket for any incidents that happen at a property in Denver you are not occupying.