Umbrella Insurance in Denver, CO

For many in Denver, Colorado, their home and car insurance policies can typically cover up to a few hundred thousand dollars. However, between the bills, legal fees, and losses that can occur after an incident, it is quite possible to exceed the coverage offered in standard insurance policies. That is why we at Schomburg Insurance Agency offer our clients the highly-beneficial and versatile umbrella insurance; to protect them, their vehicle, and Denver, Colorado properties from the unfathomable when basic coverage is not enough.

What Is Umbrella Coverage for Denver, Colorado Residents?

Umbrella insurance exists to protect the residents of Denver, Colorado, from costs exceeding their standard insurance limit or when they are not covered at all. It is an option often encouraged for people that expect to go over their usual coverage or who own assets of considerable value. In short, we try to cover those who could find themselves underinsured. Denver, Colorado residents, should take advantage of our extra coverage if there is a good chance they might go over their existing policy’s liability limit.

Why Denver, Colorado Residents Should Get Umbrella Coverage?

One big reason why many residents in Denver, Colorado, come to our insurance agency looking for umbrella insurance is that the benefits outweigh the risks. For only a few hundred dollars a year, you can prevent owing thousands of dollars that would typically surpass the cap of traditional insurance’s liability. One other reason is due to the exclusions and exceptions often found in the fine print for specific circumstances. We want to help residents in Denver, Colorado from being vulnerable to significant expenses.

Who Benefits From Umbrella Coverage in Denver, Colorado?

Since it was meant as a safeguard for events that fall between the cracks found in standard insurance policies, umbrella coverage exists to protect residents in Denver, Colorado from things such as libel, international incidents, pet-related injuries or damages, and defamation lawsuits. However, things such as vehicle repairs and medical bills brought on by a collision can add up and pass base insurance policy limits. Protect yourself and consider calling Schomburg Insurance for your umbrella insurance needs today!