Short-term Rental Insurance in Denver, CO

With the recent boom in the vacation rental industry, more and more people are staying at places in Denver through Airbnb and VRBO. Schomburg Insurance Agency can offer specialized coverage to Denver building owners who use their property for these purposes with short term rental insurance policies from licensed agents. Because these spaces have multiple temporary tenants and don’t involve traditional leases, there are some specific protections afforded to the owners of these properties in Denver through short term rental insurance. Whether you are renting out a cabin for a month during the winter or a downtown Denver penthouse for weekend travelers, you can make sure the building and your finances are protected by working with an agent to secure a short term rental insurance policy.

Short Term Rental Insurance for Denver Vacation Homes

Staying in someone’s home for a trip instead of a hotel is a relatively new, but very popular vacationing concept. Unfortunately, renting out your Denver property for a few days or weeks falls into a gap in traditional insurance policies. Short term rental insurance makes sure Denver property owners are covered from damages and liabilities incurred by tenants there for a short while, because using your home as a vacation property is generally cause for claim denial with homeowners and landlord insurance policies. Schomburg Insurance Agency of Denver has insurance for short term rental properties so their owners are insured against natural as well as occupational disasters during the small bit of time that they are letting others stay there. Having short term rental insurance means that even if visitors burn the house down, steal furniture, or flood the bathroom, the expenses will be covered.

Liability Coverage with Short Term Rental Insurance in Denver

Renting out your Denver residence a few nights a month may be a wise financial decision because it brings in revenue, but it can also be very costly to have visitors under your roof. Anything that happens to occupants or their belongings during a rental period becomes the financial responsibility of the property’s owner, so make sure to get short term rental insurance before listing your Denver residence. Our agency can set you up with a short term rental insurance policy that will protect you from liabilities like lawsuits and legal obligations for injuries, theft, and even death. The small amount you pay to be covered by short term rental insurance in Denver is nothing compared to the incredible amounts of money that owners are frequently charged in liability costs.