Sports Insurance in Denver, CO: Insurance Agency for Special Events

If you are planning a short term sporting event or another special event in Denver, you’re going to need comprehensive sports and special events insurance. When enthusiastic fans and guest vendors are involved, it’s always prudent to have an insurance policy that will have you covered in any situation. Make calling Schomburg Insurance Agency for a policy quote part of your planning process.

A Denver Insurance Agency for Your Special Event

Your regular business liability insurance might not cover you for special events away from your office. With special event insurance, an accident at your sporting event in Denver will still be covered — an oversight like that can cost you money you don’t have. Whether you’re organizing a tournament or hosting an event for amateur athletes in Denver, you need to be prepared for even the most unlikely of accidents.

Denver Sports & Special Events Insurance for Accidents

In the event of an accident at your sporting or special event, you don’t want your company to be sidelined by the costs of paying for things your insurance couldn’t cover. People from Denver and beyond came to your event, and if someone there is injured, and you’re found at fault, you want to be able to afford their care without sinking your business. Thanks to Schomburg Insurance Agency’s special liability insurance for sporting and special events, you’ll be protected.

Our Insurance Agency Protects Your Denver Directors & Officers

Denver is home to many successful businesses and sports teams, and your company’s C-suite needs to be covered for legal fees if there’s a lawsuit against the company. Schomburg Insurance Agency knows that Denver business owners want to keep their company, their assets, and their directors and officers protected for any unforeseen circumstances.

Keep Everyone’s Equipment Protected With Our Insurance

In the midst of the sporting or special event you’re hosting in Denver, you might learn that critical equipment was damaged, and now your vendor wants compensation so they can replace it. If you have insurance coverage from Schomburg Insurance Agency, you can help that vendor easily because you had equipment coverage included for your event. Whether some heavy equipment was damaged or stolen, or it’s a more simple matter of lost tools, you won’t have to leave your hard working vendors in the lurch.

This Denver Insurance Agency Covers Crime

You might have hosted your special event with the best of intentions, but that doesn’t mean everyone in attendance was behaving honestly. If a crime was committed during your event, sports and special events insurance from Schomburg Insurance Agency will protect you and anyone affected by the crime.