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A very popular approach to income that Englewood, Colorado property owners are beginning to incorporate is short-term leasing. Since Airbnb popularized this idea, over a million properties are now considered short-term rentals in America. Since short-term rentals are a form of business with income; insurance can get somewhat difficult for your Englewood, Colorado property. Schomburg Insurance Agency is an effective and reliable short-term rental insurance company; we are right here to help you understand everything about short-term rental insurance.

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Understanding Englewood, Colorado Short-term Rental Insurance

If you are a landlord with leases of at least 9 months, short-term rental insurance isn't for you. There are various types of renter’s insurance in Englewood, Colorado. Landlord insurance protects landlords with renters; renter’s insurance protects the renters themselves. Short-term rental insurance exclusively handles protecting you and your property from numerous incidents. If you are having guests stay twenty-nine days or less, they are considered short-term renters. You need to be sure you are shielded from any damages or incidents these new and regular guests create on your Englewood, Colorado property.

What Englewood, Colorado Short-term Rental Insurance Covers

Like all policies, specific situations and accidents are included in insurance in Englewood, Colorado. Most guidelines protect your belongings, such as a guest stealing anything from your own furnished property. Liability is normally a common coverage as well; in the event your guests are hurt on your own property, this could keep you safe from expensive medical expenses. If guests cause water/mold damage, your Englewood, Colorado short-term rental insurance might cover it. Our insurance agency will make sure you know every coverage plan which can be modified and put into your policy.

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About Short-term Rental Coverage in Englewood, Colorado

Maybe you don’t book your property often; if so, you might cut costs with the addition of different coverage programs to your existing Englewood, Colorado policy. Schomburg Insurance Agency keeps its customers updated on various ways to change your policy. In addition, they make sure to keep you educated on different factors that change short-term rental coverage in Englewood, Colorado. Our insurance brokers will inform you of every factor that impacts your short-term rental coverage.