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Contractors Insurance in Thornton, CO

Lawsuits against general contractors have become increasingly common, and the expenses involved in litigation may severely drain your property. Having general contractor insurance addresses your business in the unfortunate event that you will be found responsible for losses or damage, helping you save from paying out-of-pocket. Schomburg Insurance gives payment safety that will help you stay in business during a liability lawsuit. Hopefully, you won’t ever require it, but it will save you potentially hundreds when you do.

Business Insurance in Thornton, Colorado

There’s an excellent chance that lots of people depend on your business, including the customers you serve. Because of the massive role your business takes on, making sure you possess the appropriate business insurance is crucial. Schomburg Insurance offers business owners in Thornton, Colorado with an array of coverage options that are custom-constructed for your specific needs. Our focus on long-term relationships means we’re in it for the long-haul, not for the once-off commission gain. Call us today for a much less stressful business insurance experience.

Contractor Insurance in Thornton, Colorado

As a contractor, people look to you for skilled solutions. If you have an unhappy client during work, you might have a lawsuit on your hands. Contractor insurance protects you from being financially responsible for most of the costs connected with lengthy litigation. At Schomburg Insurance, our plans are developed with particular exposures in mind, such as well-known storefronts with a higher risk for accidental injuries on-site, marketing that damages the picture of a Thornton, Colorado client, and even residential contractors that unintentionally do damage to a house they will work on.

General Contractor Insurance in Thornton, Colorado

There are a variety of things that could fail throughout a contracting project in Thornton, Colorado. If there’s some kind of damage to the property, or a worker becomes injured, it’s likely that someone will sue you. Besides these primary expenses, the probability of supplemental damages, such as pain and struggling, can total huge amounts of money. General contractor insurance could mean you won’t be on the hook for crippling medical bills, litigation, or restoration costs. At Schomburg Insurance, our general contractor insurance offers you the satisfaction that even if employment goes sour, your complete livelihood is not on the line.